Courses & Training

To go for a trail ride on an electric moutain bike is a absolutly amazing feeling. Its like nothing else, besides the fact; the better you get at it, the more fun it is. With the right technic, you will feel safer and have the base skills to get more flow out of your ride. Offroad E-bike will from the season 2022 arrange courses for trail riding on an electric mountain bike for all levels.

Montain biking have so much more technic to it then regluar biking. Climbing steep trail sections, body posistion on decents, how to get on grip on loose surfrace, or where to look is all essential mtb skills, and we know how to implement this to your riding.

The courses, depending on the level of the participants, will consist of different exercises for triggering skills, and we will of course make a trip out of it where everyone will get challenges depending on their level. Riding a electric moutain bike is so fun, and we will make sure the courses are too. See more info om the courses below.

Kursholder: Nicolás Serey


Fromer active mtb rider and guide for Utflukt, now a mountain bike coach for the biggest bike club in Oslo, Nico got the experience and "know how" in his back pack when it comes to trail riding, enduro and downhill. A savvy biker through and through, he is good at making you better at riding, and an even better tour companion.

Nico is from Chile, speaks Norwegian, English and Spanish fluently, and loves good food and rythms:)

Additional info:

  • Duration: aprox. 3 hours
  • Fitness level: moderate
  • Pris: 1790,- NOK per person, price inc. e-bike, helmet and bike insurance.
  • Got you own e-mtb? Price: 1290,- NOK


  • Available dates: Weekdays, on request
  • Maximum participants: 6 persons each course
  • Meeting point: Myrerskogveien 54a, Oslo
  • Sign up: send a mail to with name and prefered date/time.

What to wear/gear:

  • Train or hiking clothes
  • Shoes with a flat sole and thin gloves
  • A small backpack with a water bottle
  • Chocolate bar