The Chosen Ones

For this project we have been testing a lot of different bikes and e-motors to make sure we can offer the best riding experience possible. We want the e-bike to feel safe, solid and comfortable, and an e-bike who does not hold you back if you want to challenge yourself or the elements. If this is your first try on an e-bike, or you are an experienced trail biker, the result should be the same: A big smile.

Prices in NOK:  1 day: 890,-  //  2 days: 1590,-  //  3 days: 2090,-  //  Week: 3900,- // +7 days: 550,- a day

Bike insurance: 190,- // Helmet: 50,-

We also got touring e-bikes and e-bike for kids. Check out our range of e-bikes below.


A "can take on everything" e-mtb from Cannondale. Gets you up, down and out for a good time. With its geometry and low center, the handling is in a class of its own. Comfortable seating position, pared up the new motor from Bosch and big battery, the Moterra sets the standard for fun and long rides.

  • Bosch Performance CX 250 W Gen4, 85 Nm
  • 625 Wh battery(70 km)
  • 160 mm travel front and back, RockShox
  • SRAM 12-speed gears
  • SRAM 200/220 mm 4 piston disc brakes
  • 29" wheels (Size Small: 27"5) 2.6" Maxxis tires
  • Dropper seatpost
  • Available sizes: S (150-170 cm), M(168-182 cm), L(178-182 cm), XL(188-204 cm)


Cannondale has taken the most fun trail bike and put a motor in it. Habit Neo, an e-bike especially made for trailing. Playful and poppy, confident and precise. The new motor from Bosch will make you fly through the forest and a big battery will get you to the top of the hill. And back home again.

  • Bosch Performance CX 250 W motor, 85 Nm
  • Bosch Performance 625 Wh battery(60-90 km)
  • 140 mm suspention travel front and back
  • SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed gears
  • Magura 220/203 mm 4 piston disc brakes
  • 29" wheels, 2.6" Maxxis tires
  • Dropper seatpost
  • Available size: M (168-182 cm)


From the french e-bike specialists at Moustache, the Game 6. Makes you wanna ride flat out on any beat-up trail, whether you're climbing or descending. This is what the Game is made for. Big Shimano brakes and 170 mm travel Fox front suspension, it comes a live on those downhill trails. The smiling machine lives up to its name.

Area of use: All terrain, downhill, trails og gravel.

  • Bosch Performance CX 250W Gen4/85 Nm
  • Bosch Performanc 625 Wh battery(70 km)
  • 170 mm travel FOX front suspension
  • 160 mm Moustache Magic rear shock
  • Shimano XT 11 gir
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes 220/203 mm
  • 29'' hjul / 2.50" Maxxis dekk
  • Dropper seat post
  • Available sizes: M(168-182 cm), L(178-192 cm)


From the french e-bike specialists at Moustache, the Trail 2021 model is a perfect combination of a mountain bike and the electric power to go with it. It does uphills as easy as downhills on natural trails. Aluminium frame, Shimano components and 150 mm travel front and back suspension, this bike is exactly what you need for trailing.

  • Bosch Performance CX 250 W motor 85 Mm
  • Bosch Performance 625 Wh battery(70 km)
  • 150 mm suspention travel front and back
  • Shimano 12 speed
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • 29" wheels, 2.6" Maxxis tires
  • Dropper seatpost
  • Available sizes: M(168-182 cm), L(178-192 cm)


Going caming in the woods and want to bring everything, ride along the endless forrest roads in marka, or going on a coast ride of Norway? This touring e-bike is your best travel buddy. The strongest Bosch motor paired ut with the biggest battery for long rides. Suspension fork and in the seatpost, and wide tires on 26 inch wheels, makes it both comfortabel and fun to ride. Norwegian conditions test winner 2022. For all gravel and asfalt roads.

  • Saddle bags can be mounted on the bike.
  • Bosch Performance CX 250 W motor 85 Mm
  • Bosch Performance 750 Wh battery(60 - 190 km)
  • Front fork suspension and seat post suspension
  • Shimano 11 speed
  • Magura disc brakes
  • 26" hjul, 2.4" dekk
  • Available sizes: M (160-180 cm) og L (175-195 cm)


Let the kiddo feel the joy of riding uphills with ease! The Rossignol E-Track is a hardtail e-bike built for young riders that want to tackle the trails. 24 inch wheels and a upraised rider position make the bike feel safe and comfortable. Specific brake levers for small hands, pared up with smooth Shimano motor and a big battery, it will let the young one go on all day.

  • Shimano E5000, 250 W motor
  • Shimano 400 Wh battery (70-90 km)
  • SR Suntour front suspension, 80 mm travel
  • Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 160 mm front and rear
  • Shimano Alivio 9 speed gears
  • 24" Wheels, 2.35" Kenda tires
  • Size: 120-145 cm