Do you want to do something guaranteed fun?

Offroad E-bike Adventure offers guided tour on electric moutainbikes, and Oslomarka is our playground. Over the last years we have done a lot of group riding, and we would love to share the feeling of riding together on an e-bike, deep in the forrest of Oslo.

Oslo and Oslomarka got an endless network of trails, some say it may be one of the best places in the Scandinavia for mountain biking. A full suspension electric moutain bike will give you super powers, and riding uphill can now be done effortless. 

To experience this together with collagues and friends is so fun, and seeing the smiles and the wehoos still makes us laugh. If you are expert cyclists or never have tried and e-bike before, this is for everybody. We will always customize the tour/event for your group.

Join us for a bike and nature adventure without comparison!