Guidede Turer

Offroad E-bike Adventure tilbyr guidede turer på ut i den flotte Oslomarka. Oslo er i en unik posisjon som hovedstad og består, tro det eller ei, mest av skog, og Oslomarka har totalt 4000 km med sti og løyper som er tilgjengelig for ferdsel. Dette gjør det til et eldorado for sykling og naturoppevelser hvis du vet hvor du ska dra.

Bli med på en tur Oslomarka rundt, eller hva med naturlige fyltstier i verdensklasse?

Oslo har alt, og på en elektrisk terrengsykkel blir det en naturopplevelse utenom det vanlige.


Pris per person: 1490,- NOK

Pris inkluderer guide, e-bike, hjelm og sykkelforsikring.

Oslomarka Tour

A guided tour on e-mountainbike to the nature of Greater Oslo. We will show you the forrest and lakes, hidden spots and great views. Oslo is in a unique position, with beautiful nature right on the door step. With an electric mountain bike, you can experience this in a fun and comfortable way.

We'll ride from our base at Langsetløkka and over to Maridalsvannet, and follow the river on gravel roads up to Skjærsjøen. From there up Ullevålsæter, through Nordmarka and Tryvann, down to Båndtjern and over to Sognsvann. A full roundtrip of the nature surrounding Oslo.

We will always customize the tour after your needs and level. Timeframe is around 3 hours. Normal fitness, you should be used to riding a bike.

Trail Tour Lillomarka

The surrounding forest of Oslo has a huge network of trails. Lets us take you deeper into the forest, where the fun really begins. Totally off grid on forest and hiking trails, with mixed terrain, you can really feel what the e-bike can do for you. The options for natural fun and easy trails are endless in Lillomarka,  and suitable for all levels. This is an adventure you really want to enjoy, not looking on a map for the way out. Our local guide knows where to go.

The rides start and end at our base at Myrerskogen 54. The entrence to "Lillomarka" start 100 meters form the meetingpoint. We will choose routes depending on the conditions. Timeframe is around 3 hours. Riding on trails demands demands some balance and physical fitness. First timer, Intermediate or Expert? We will customize the tour and route so it fits your level.

Downhill Tour

Want to feel the adrenaline pumping a little extra? Oslo has fun and challenging downhill possibilities, both on natural and constructed trails. A full suspension electric mountain bike is made for this type of challenge, and will put a smile on your face if you're up for it. Our local downhill guide will show you where to go, and even how to get down.

The rides start and end at our base. We go on a route to the natural downhill trails of Lillomarka and Nordmarka, the constructed trails at Tryvann, and shredding the trails cut out by locals and some natural gems. The time frame is around 4 hours. Level: Recommended for intermediate or above.


- All tours are run as private tours, minimum 2 participants

- All tours start/end at our base: Rønningen Folkehøyskole, Myrerskogen 54 a, Oslo.

- 25 minutes with public transport from city center. Free parking for guests with cars.

What you need for a ride:

- Wear training or hiking clothes, and shoes with a flat sole (they can get dirty, so not your brand new kicks) 

- Bring a little backpack with a water bottle and an windproof jacket if the weather say so

Our bike guide Peder will meet you at our base and assist with the bike setup. He'll do a run-through of the e-bike, how it works and how to handle it. Peder's been living and riding the trails of Oslo, and knows where to go and not. Speaks Norwegian and English, and knows left and right in Portuguese. Works as a ski instructor during the winter. Likes surfing holidays, good food and music.